Toolbox - Patient Emails

Email Series in the Toolbox

It’s a good idea to keep your name, clinic information and how you can help people in front of mind awareness on a regular basis. Setting up a steady stream of patient retention emails will keep your patients from falling out of care. 

Include the following items with your emails/letters:

  • A coupon or Health Pass.
  • Appropriate seasonal newsletter and or bookmark
  • Acupuncture in a Nutshell booklet
  • Three business cards/gift certificates, or call to action cards 

Important– Make sure you end each email with a strong call to action. This could be to hand gift certificates to friends or family members, call to schedule their next appointment with you, watch XXX video on how acupuncture works, read XXX article on how acupuncture works, etc…

Like any email you need to make sure you are legal in your state laws to send emails. Also, in order to remain HIPAA compliant, make sure you have received your patients express permission to have email with personal information sent to them.