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Uncover How Acupuncturists With Thriving Practices Are Able To Build And Sustain Practices They Are Proud Of With Cutting Edge Client-Getting Systems
The Simple Solution For Smarter Client Attraction For Your Acupuncture Practice

This Is The Only Patient-Getting System That Gives You Everything You Need To…

Every month, like clock-work, you’ll receive access to our private membership portal where you will be able to download new marketing materials to:

  • Attract Brand New, Highly Qualified Patients
  • Convince the patients you have that the service they are receiving from you is indeed a gift from above that they don’t want to live without
  • Gets your patients excited about bringing their loved ones, friends, peers, and co-workers to you
  • Get more patients coming back religiously for treatments for years…
  • Reignites the acupuncture flame in the hearts of the clients who have fallen out of care and gets them rushing to come back and stay on your books for as long as they need to…

None of these activities happen by accident.

Acupuncturists who “hope” that all the great outcomes above will occur automatically just because they opened an office and put an ad in the yellow pages don’t last long in our business.

We left school and were left on our own to figure out the all- important skill of how to actually put people onto our tables…or we were given some rushed one- day training that told us to do “marketing stuff” that doesn’t even work…or would be downright embarrassing to do.

The days of feeling like you’ve been backed into a corner by bills because you don’t have enough patients have come to an end.

The kind-hearted acupuncturists who have more than enough money to pay their bills each month have figured out what patients need to see and hear in order to give acupuncture a try.

They have figured out what it takes for patients to fully appreciate the art of the treatment and to become a zealot who has had their life changed by it. As a result, these patients can’t wait to tell anyone who will listen their story of being brought back to life by it.

Now let me now introduce you to each of the proprietary-tested and proven practice-building tools these acupuncturists are using that you get full access to in this system. These tools are guaranteed to take all the ugly work and nagging responsibility off your shoulders.

AcuNews Patient Newsletters

Provides thought provoking content to help you create informed, inspired and educated patients. 2 per month.

Topic Of The Month Poster

Provides powerful and thought provoking image to inspire and educate patients about the far-reaching benefits of your care.

Monthly Blog Posts

Professionally written to boost credibility, trust and position you as the acupuncture expert. 2 per month.

Patient Help Sheet

Provide self-care techniques as handouts, information for specific health topics, or as a topic of a monthly healthcare class.

Research Updates

Professionally written and researched acupuncture-related studies to support the efficacy of Acupuncture, inform the public and and position you as the acupuncture expert. 2 per month.

Newsletter Text Files

Copy and paste newsletter text swipe files. Now you can use the text files on your website, blog, or email content.

Gift Certificates

Increase referrals by motivating patients to give the gift of acupuncture by giving gift certificates.

Call To Action New Patient Cards

Increase new patients by motivating them to take action and their first steps to use your services.

Here’s What You Get Each Month:

Thanks so much for providing the greater acupuncture community with high quality marketing resources. I'm excited to have reached a point in my practice where I can reinvest some money back into my practice.

- Sissy C., Las Vegas, NV

Thanks for AcuDownloads. It's really helping me to streamline my communication with my clients and future clients.

- Bishara W., New York, NY

I've struggled for years to try to create quality materials for my practice. I must have spent thousands of dollars, to no avail. I wish I found AcuDownloads sooner, I'd be a richer man! Not only that, I used the newsletters last month, and reactivated 6 old patients! So awesome! Thank you!

- Tom C., Portland, OR

I swear my life is easier now and I feel pretty good about marketing my practice. Before I hated the prospect of selling, but your stuff makes it easy. Thanks for creating such an easy thing to use.

- T. Jameson L.Ac., MSTOM

Let me start by saying that I love, love, love what you provide! I've been in practice fourteen years and I used to have to create pretty much everything myself for my practice. Talk about time-consuming!!  So, many thanks for your great offerings.

- Lizzy P., Denver, CO

Bonus: Social Media Sharing Images

You’ll be able to access our ever-growing library of Social Media Sharing Images. Our Social Media Sharing Images can be downloaded and used on all of your social media channels. You can use them on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blog posts
  • Website content

Bonus: Patient Communication Letters & Emails

No longer will you wonder what to say to your patients when you want to reach out to them. You’ll have access to our library of patient letters and emails. All you have to do is find the right letter or sequence of letters, edit them and share them with your patients.

Use them for:

  • Email content
  • Patient letters
  • Website content
  • Newsletter articles

Bonus: 12-Month Marketing Outline & Calendar

You'll receive immediate access to the marketing calendar that I used in my private practice.

It's broken down in various marketing activities that you can focus on throughout the year.

You'll be able to figure out what to do:

  • Daily Marketing Activities
  • Weekly Marketing Activities
  • Monthly Marketing Activities
  • Quaterly Marketing Activities
  • Yearly Marketing Activities

Bonus: Patient Retention Online Training

This bonus online training program is designed to give you the tools to stop the patients-falling-out-of-care revolving door. You'll learn the EXACT steps and techniques that I used to reactivate 35% of my inactive patients. Keep your patients in care longer and get your inactive patients back in!

You'll receive an over-my-shoulder training that you can access 24/7, 365 day to my entire Patient Reactivation Online Program.

Included with this training is over 45-minutes of step-by-step video training and 12 letters and forms that you can download and edit to enhance your patient reactivations.

One Simple Solution To Grow Your Practice, Attract New Patients And Reactivate Inactive Patients

  • One-Click Patient-Getting Tools

    You are one-click away from ready-made professional patient-getting tools that will make you feel proud and inspired to grow your practice.

  • Personalize Materials For Your Practice

    Easily add your name and clinic information with the click of a mouse using our proprietary software – the Personalizer Tool.

  • Multi-layered Patient-Attraction System

    Access multiple personalized patient handouts to guide you in creating an organized patient-attraction system.

  • Position Yourself As The Expert

    Position yourself as the go-to acupuncturist in your community by providing high quality, patient-centered educational materials.

  • Ready-made Content For Multi-use

    You can repurpose ANY of the AcuDownload tools for use on your website and social media channels, like Facebook.

  • File Download & Storage

    Download your ready-made, personalized monthly marketing materials 24/7, 365 with the click of your mouse.

Customized For Your Practice

With our unique Personalizer Tool, you can add your clinic information to all of the marketing pieces.

It’s as easy as inputting your clinic name, address, number and other information.

Saving it to your computer, print it out and use to promote your practice and stimulate your patient education strategies.

If You Thought Hiring Your Very Own Professional Graphic Designer Was Too Expensive – Think Again

These days, the cost of a professional graphic designer is about $35 per hour. AcuDownloads provides you with a comprehensive, professionally written AND designed patient-attraction and patient-support system that you can use over and over again for one small monthly fee.

No hidden or unexpected charges, ever!

With AcuDownloads, you won't need to hire editor or proof reader required, we've done all the work for you.

Let’s Do Some Last Minute Math

How much is your practice worth to you? Let’s do a little math to determine how much it would cost if you created and designed your own marketing materials.

No where else can you find such a deal to help your build a solid practice.

Below is the cost of hiring, designing and creating your own marketing materials from scratch.

  • 3 Hour’s of professional graphic design time = $105

  • Professional image licensing = $75

  • Professional proof reading = $50

  • Article research and edit = $27

  • Total Cost = $257 (Monthly)

  • There’s no need to reinvent the marketing wheel. We’ve done all the work for you. Each month, you’ll be able to access an ENTIRE suite of marketing materials for less that .67¢ a day.

It’s As Easy As…

  • Click

  • Print

  • Share

In A Nutshell, Here Is EVERYTHING You
For One LOW Monthly Fee

  • Acu News Patient Newsletters

  • Social Media Sharing Images

  • Gift Certificates

  • Patient Help Sheet

  • Topic Of The Month Poster

  • Call To Action Cards

  • Blog Posts

  • Newsletter Text Files

No Contracts, No Commitment, Cancel Anytime

AcuDownloads CAN transform your practice. But if you feel as though it's a marketing system that is not for you, send us an email or give us a call and we'll take care of you ASAP!

We're here to help you transform the world, one person, a few needles and with excellent marketing materials.

There are no contracts to sign, no hidden fees and you can cancel anytime.

Don't let another month pass by without tapping into what AcuDownloads can offer - pain-free, effective simple and powerful marketing for the acupuncture profession.

No contracts, No commitments, Cancel anytime!

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