Why We're Here...

Most acupuncturists don’t like marketing and have no idea how to bring in new patients. That’s why we offer wide range of business, marketing and digital solutions, so they can connect with more customers, grow their business, generate greater income, and make the world a little bit better.

Our Mission is Simple:

We want to Unite and Ignite, 5,000 Changemaker Acupuncture Professionals so that, together we can change the LIVES of 5,000,000 people from around the world by 2031.

We’ve created and curated a searchable library with access to over 600 pieces of downloadable, royalty-free digital marketing tools – from newsletters, patient handouts, blog posts, research updates, and more. 

Consider AcuDownloads to be your very own, personal, in-house marketing agency. 

If you’re looking for content for your emails, we’ve got hundreds of topics to choose from, 

If you need inspiration for your social media pages, we’ve got a gigantic library of beautifully designed graphics and images,

If you need handouts to share with your patients, you can scroll through all of our database of common conditions and print it out for your patients,

If you’re looking for the EZ button for your marketing, we’ve got you covered! 

"It’s great! It’s really, really helpful to have blogs, newsletters, already created each month. That I can put my own personal flair on and send out. It’s wonderful…I really, really love it! I’m not the best marketer, but I am a good acupuncturist, so it’s nice to have the content there for us! I prefer to be writing formulas over blogs. But blogs are what get’s the business going and give us visible presence in the online world…it’s really necessary, but it’s not my wheel house. It absolutely saves me time! I’m not a social media or technology person, so it’s really nice for me to have materials that are there for me, every single month, locked and loaded, that I can choose to use. It’s nice to have a marketing service to use! I love AcuDownloads!”
Ashley Wren, L.Ac.
“I grab the graphics and content, then send an email to our patients...just like that…I don’t have to come up with all of this on my own. It absolutely makes life easier. This is best money you are ever going to spend! The service that we get for what we pay for is phenomenal and a fantastic value! Some of the best monthly investment you’ll spend for the value! It allows you to have high-touch with your patients and you can keep informing them - knowledge is power. If you’re educating patients, they will start telling people about you…you’ll get referrals and and become an authority - people want that! AcuDownloads makes it easy. If you have to pay a marketing company to do this for you, it could be really expensive - when I have the tools from AcuDownloads…it makes it easy for me.”
Kathleen & Joe Voss, L.Ac.
“Everything is there and ready for me. I don’t have to do anything to try and come up with content. AcuDownloads helps me stay in contact with my patients and send them important information. It saves me tons of time and a hundreds of dollars per month. It helped me educate about acupuncture and what I can do. It keeps me in front of people and gets my patients back in.”
Debi Farly, L.Ac.
It increases patients overall impression. When they go t oa regular doctors office, this is what they see…professional materials all over the place…AcuDownloads legitimizes it for people, it makes it very professional with a lot of good information to get patients thinking in ways that they may have not thought before. Patients will get those “aha!” moments. Shows acupuncture in a positive light! I love it. I am not a graphic artist...this is so professional and great quality.”
Shayla Vishnu
“It makes life easier! Instead of writing every month, AcuDownloads is doing it for me. It’s better than reinventing everything. I am really satisfied with all the information! It reduces the time that I have to do back-office work.”
Ronen Rosenthal, L.Ac.
“I’ve been very happy with the marketing approach and the quality of the content. A lot of useful information. I get a lot of traffic from the website that translates into patients. It’s a timesaver for me…I don’t have to research and create the content.”
Catheryne Dahlke, RAc, RTCMP.
“I really like that everything is made for me. I don’t have to spend the time creating content. It’s there at my finger tips! I don’t have to think about it. The blogs and newsletters are amazing! It’s convenient. I don’t have stress about coming up with it. It’s a HUGE time saver for me. It’s given me ideas on topics for education pieces.”
Rachel Siditsky, L.Ac.
“It saves us times, there are a lot of great articles.We’re busy treating patients but we need help with creating content. We have patients in the treatment rooms look through the newsletters and all of a sudden we hear them say …“hmmmmm”, and their awareness lightbulb just went on. AcuDownloads is a good referral source."
Tyehao Lu, L.Ac.
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