AcuDownloads Overview

I put together a short video that walks you through the materials and how to use contents that we add to AcuDownloads each month. If you nave any questions you can call us at 206-525-3199, or send a support request above.

2 comments on “AcuDownloads Overview
  1. Heather Richmond says:

    Hi Jeffrey and team,

    I’m a new AcuDownloads subscriber and just received the February editions. I really like the information–and the convenience!–of your material. I do have one suggestion about the formatting. Using full-justification would make the text (and the overall product) look exponentially better–smoother, cleaner edges.

    If you try this and agree with the suggestion, would it be possible to get this month’s edition with full-justification? If not, I understand, though I would recommend it for future editions.

    I hope this helps. Thanks.


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