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What is AcuDownloads and How Does It Work?

In a nutshell...AcuDownloads is a comprehensive digital resource platform designed for acupuncturists seeking to expand their practices without the added stress of becoming marketing experts.

It offers an extensive library of ready-to-use marketing materials, including social media content, patient handouts, newsletter templates, website videos, and Facebook posts.

AcuDownloads simplifies the process of attracting new patients, retaining current ones, and reactivating former patients. With tools that cover every aspect of marketing and patient education, AcuDownloads acts as a virtual marketing department, allowing practitioners to focus on what they do best—providing exceptional care to their patients—while it takes care of the rest, ensuring their practice remains visible, engaging, and thriving in a competitive wellness landscape.


With a search functionality akin to Google, our user-friendly search bar quickly navigates through our extensive collection of over 1,273 tested marketing resources to pinpoint exactly what you need in moments. We’ve even suggested content tailored for you!


Almost every resource can be personalized to suit your needs. Once ready, you can download your customized asset with just a simple tap, accessible from any device.


AcuDownloads equips you with versatile materials ideal for printing and displaying in your clinic, mailing to potential and existing patients, or sharing across digital platforms such as social media, your website, emails, texts, and beyond. Everything you need for effective communication is conveniently in one place.

What Other Acupuncturists Are Saying About AcuDownloads:

Tina Belt
L.Ac, Dipl. OM
It makes life easier! Instead of writing every month, AcuDownloads is doing it for me. It’s better than reinventing everything. [And] it reduces the time that I have to do back-office work.”
Ronen Rosenthal
“I really, really love it! I’m not a social media or technology person, I’m not the best marketer, BUT I am a good acupuncturist! So it’s nice to have the content there for us, locked and loaded, that I can put my own personal flair on and send out. Marketing is really necessary, but it’s not my wheelhouse. I love AcuDownloads!”
Ashley Wren
L.Ac., Dipl OM, RADT
“I grab the graphics and content, then send an email to our patients, just like that. I don’t have to come up with [anything] on my own. You’ll get referrals and become an authority—people want that! AcuDownloads makes it easy.”
Kathleen & Joe Voss
“I’ve been very happy with the marketing approach and the quality of the content. I get a lot of traffic… that translates into patients. Plus, it’s a time saver for me… I don’t have to research and create the content.”
Catheryne Dahlke
“AcuDownloads increases patients’ overall impression and it legitimizes acupuncture for people! I love it. This is so professional and great quality!
Shayla Vishnu
Office Manager Acupuncture Clinic
I have been using AcuDownloads for years. It's a great tool for getting information into my new patients' hands that is concise and easy to understand. Everything is convenient. This is my go-to resource for ALL my business marketing and patient education needs.
T. D. Williams

Unlock Hundreds of Pre-Crafted Content Items for Patient Attraction, Retention, and Reactivation - Just a Click Away!

Envision this: You’re searching for the perfect patient handout to elevate their understanding and care—find it effortlessly in AcuDownloads.

Picture being invited to deliver a talk but feeling unsure about your topic or daunted by creating a presentation—your ready-to-use PowerPoint awaits within our membership site.

Visualize having a comprehensive social media strategy laid out before you, guiding your every post, tweet, and share.

AcuDownloads is your all-encompassing toolkit, offering everything from engaging social media content, informative newsletters, captivating website videos, to compelling Facebook posts, and beyond.

Whether you’re aiming to educate a patient with a handout, prepare for a speaking engagement without stress, or execute a flawless social media plan, AcuDownloads provides all the tools you need, right at your fingertips.

Say goodbye to content creation overwhelm and hello to a wealth of ready-made, patient-getting materials—just one click away!

👉 And check this out 👈

New Content Added Monthly!

Brand-new content bundles are released EVERY MONTH to help you capitalize on the latest trends and times! Now your marketing will always reflect what potential patients want and need to hear right now to stop what they’re doing and get on your schedule! 

Take a sneak peek at what's inside for you...

patient newsletters

Stay Connected & Educate Your Patients
Regular newsletters help keep your patients engaged and informed about their health and your services. They’re perfect for sharing success stories, health tips, and clinic updates, enhancing patient trust and retention.

social media

Enhance Your Online Presence & Attract New Patients
Pre-crafted social media content saves you time and boosts your digital marketing efforts. These posts are designed to increase engagement, raise awareness about acupuncture benefits, and grow your patient base through consistent, professional online activity.

patient handouts

Empower & Inform Your Patients
Provide valuable information to your patients with detailed handouts on various conditions and treatments. These handouts help patients understand their health better, making them more likely to commit to their treatment plans and trust your expertise.

promotional materials

Market Your Services Effectively
Attract new patients and announce special promotions with professionally designed brochures, flyers, and banners. These materials are crafted to catch the eye, communicate the value of your services, and convey the professionalism of your clinic.

email templates

Streamline Your Communications & Boost Engagement
Email templates simplify the process of sending out appointment reminders, promotional offers, and general wellness tips. Regular, professional email communication keeps your clinic top of mind and encourages repeat visits.

clinic forms

Streamline Your Operations & Enhance Patient Experience
Customizable clinic forms simplify your administrative processes and improve patient intake efficiency.

seasonal campaigns

Leverage Seasonal Health Trends to Stay Relevant
Season-specific marketing campaigns help you tap into the current health concerns of your patients. These campaigns are designed to address seasonal ailments and wellness tips, making your practice a go-to resource year-round.

educational videos

Engage Patients Visually & Increase Treatment Adherence
Videos are a versatile tool for simplifying complex information. Use them in your clinic to demonstrate treatments and techniques, or incorporate them into presentation slides for educational workshops. This dual use enhances patient understanding and engagement, both in-clinic and during presentations.

Marketing Planning & Campaign Ideas

Craft Targeted Strategies to Grow Your Practice
Develop structured marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience. These planning resources help you identify key opportunities, create compelling messages, and execute effective marketing strategies. Utilize these ideas to attract new patients, retain existing ones, and establish your clinic as a leader in the acupuncture community.

Acupuncture for Pain Campaign

Acupuncture for Stress & Anxiety Campaign

Unlock immediate access to these tools and over 1,300 additional resources, plus much more!

And It Gets Better

You Can Even Have Custom Content Created For You

On the outside chance that we don’t have something you need, with the AcuDownloads Design Desk we’ll create it for you, at NO Additional Cost!*

(*Once you choose to stay after your free trial!)

More Reviews From Healers Like You:

“​​I love your content and ideas. AcuDownloads automates a lot of work for my practice. It saves me at least a couple hours a month.”
Chris Maslowski
“The best products and teaching tools for the practitioner and the patient. Invaluable!!”
Arlene Myers
“I like that everything is there at my fingertips! I don’t have to spend time creating content. I don’t (even) have to think about it. I don’t have to stress. The blogs and newsletters are amazing! It’s a huge time-saver for me!”
Rachel Siditsky
“We’re busy treating patients, but we need help with creating content. We have patients in the treatment rooms look through the newsletters and all of a sudden we hear them say… ‘hmmmm,’ and their awareness light bulb just goes on. AcuDownloads saves us time… (and) is a good referral source.”
Tyehao Lu
“I print out the newsletters to keep in my clinic.I schedule the memes on my Facebook page. I mark up blog articles. Very useful! Thank you!"
Christopher Carlow
“Convenience!!!! Organized… love it.”
Jo Ulrich
I hosted a presentation using your powerpoint and certificates, and THANK YOU, I landed 9 new patients from that one talk! And the rest of the database is mind-blowing! Thanks for making this for the Acu community!
Dr. Kyle
“I was already thinking about some of these things, and was dreading spending a ton of time on them, so it made sense to try out AcuDownloads. Amazing! I HATE creating content as it takes me so long… so I love the ease of this. It’s free for 2 weeks, [then] the price made it seem like a no-brainer. I need to streamline my business if I’m going to see more patients, so I liked AcuDownloads for that too.”
Misty Reed
I am a subscriber to the program and I cannot tell you how helpful the documents and materials are for my practice. Saves me time, shares information with my media followers and helps me educate my patients. I highly recommend it!!!!
Dr. Kali Borissova
“I’m spread very thinly. (And) it’s been very difficult to grow my practice despite many pleased patients. You’ve made this something I can afford. I deeply appreciate AcuDownloads.”
Christine Ruffing
The service that we get for what we pay for is phenomenal and a fantastic value! If you have to pay a marketing company to do this for you, it could be really expensive. It’s (the) best money you are ever going to spend!”
Dr. Joe
“I don’t have to do anything to come up with content. Everything is there and ready for me. AcuDownloads does it all and saves me tons of time and hundreds of dollars per month.”
Deb Farley
I love the referral materials. I received 10 referrals from them last month and plan on using them ALL the time now!
P. Lang

Why Choose AcuDownloads as Your Marketing Partner?

Comprehensive Marketing Resource Database: Instant access to a wide array of professionally written and designed materials, saving you time and overcoming creative blocks.


Action Plans for Effective Marketing Strategies: Provides clear, step-by-step guidance, helping you understand exactly what to do with your marketing efforts and ensuring effective utilization of tools.


Cost-Effective Subscription Model: The affordable subscription cost, equivalent to just half of one treatment session, offers significant savings, making it a smart investment for your practice.


Professionally Written and Designed Materials: Access to high-quality content ensures your marketing looks polished and professional, saving you the headache and time of creating materials from scratch.


Everything at Your Fingertips: A user-friendly interface and the convenience of having all necessary marketing tools in one place streamline your workflow and simplify marketing efforts.


No Need for Outsourcing: Eliminates the expense and complexity of hiring external marketers or designers, keeping all your marketing activities in-house and under your control.


Regular Updates with New Content: Ensures you always have access to the latest and most effective marketing strategies and materials, keeping your practice’s marketing fresh and engaging.


Customizable Templates: Offers templates that can be easily personalized to match your practice’s branding and messaging, enhancing your unique identity.


Diverse Content Types: From videos and infographics to blog posts and email templates, cater to different audience preferences and maximize engagement.


Educational Resources for Continuous Learning: Offers resources for improving your marketing knowledge and skills, keeping you updated on the latest trends and best practices.


Tap the “Start My Free Trial” button below to get instant access to the entire AcuDownloads library for 14 full days so you can download and test up to 20 marketing materials of your choice for free. 

Then when you join, you can download up to 20 new materials each and every month to attract even more new patients!

Because we know you’ll be impressed! And we also know that once that first new patient comes into your clinic—or an old patient comes back—(which, if you start your free trial today, could very easily happen as soon as tomorrow), you’ll stick with us because your membership will have already paid for itself. (See? It’s a no-brainer!)

If you choose to stick with AcuDownloads after your trial period, you will be charged $47 per month or $397 per year for ongoing access.

Remember, just one visit from a past, current, or new patient already covers your monthly AcuDownloads membership for at least two full months. And a committed patient can easily cover an entire year of AcuDownloads after just a few sessions. 

So when your trial is up, you can pay an agency up to $5,000 a month to do your marketing for you… you can fumble around in your back office for hours a day in an attempt to figure it out yourself (which could literally take years of trial and error)… OR you can just stick with AcuDownloads and get all the patient-getting marketing you need done in as little as 5 minutes a day—for less than $50 a month.

When you sign up for a free trial, you will select a membership type—monthly or yearly. A monthly membership is just $47 / month (to be billed monthly after you complete your 14-day trial). An annual membership is just $397 / year (which is just $33 / month) to be billed annually on your anniversary date.

You will not be billed until after you complete your 14-day trial. And if for some crazy reason you don’t love it, you may cancel your membership before then without being billed.

There is no contract, so you can cancel anytime.
Just email support@acudownloads.com and our team will be happy to assist you.

Not unless you want to. You can customize almost every asset with your clinic information in just one click. And you can easily personalize almost any piece in the library with just a few clicks (if you want to). Zero marketing skill or know-how required!

AcuDownloads is really “point and click” easy. Start your free trial now and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

We add new content bundles monthly, and if we’re missing something you need, we’ll create it for you! You can request new content to be created for you after your trial period has ended (and you officially become a member).

Yep. AcuDownloads is 100% accessible on Mac and PC. As long as you have the internet, consider your marketing done!

Of course. It’s compatible with any device that has the internet. Which means you can do all of your marketing from your car, couch, clinic, and beyond.

Tap the “Start My Free Trial” button below to get instant access to the entire AcuDownloads library for 14 full days so you can download and test up to 20 marketing materials of your choice for free. Then when you join, you can download up to 20 new materials each and every month to attract even more new patients!

Our 100% Good-Karma Guarantee

We firmly believe in the power of good karma, and we are extremely confident that AcuDownloads will help you boost your marketing, enhance patient education, increase patient retention, and simplify your marketing efforts. That’s why we offer The Good-Karma Guarantee – a risk-free guarantee that allows you to experience the difference for yourself. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our platform, you can cancel anytime without any hassle or questions asked.

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  • Patient Selfcare Handouts
  • Powerpoint Presentations
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$ 0 Pay Nothing Today
  • Searchable Database
  • Over 1241 + Marketing Tools
  • Copy & Paste Patient Emails
  • Patient Newsletters
  • Facebook Graphics
  • Instagram Posts
  • Social Media Graphics + Hashtags
  • Canva Integration
  • Patient Selfcare Handouts
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Patient Communication Scripts
  • Website Videos
  • Acupuncture Research Updates
  • Clinic Forms
  • SMS Text Messages
  • Marketing Video Training Library
  • Live Monthly Training Events
  • Done-For-You Monthly Marketing Campaign
  • Download 20 per 30-day period
  • Report of Findings Forms and Handouts
  • 7-part Report of Findings Mastery Training
  • Creating Your Core Message Training
  • Patient Success Story Training
  • Practitioner "Epiphany" Story Training
  • Acupuncture Happy Hour Marketing Event Training
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